Hey everyone sorry for not blogging in a while bin busy starting year 6 but ok, there are so many S.A.T.S test we are all so tied.

Here`s the link to our eco schools i made an animoto hope you enjoy!!!!



and this is will signing off good night everybody for now.

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WOW!!!!!!! we finaly got snow comment did you make a snowman and have a snowball fight with your friends thats wot I did it was me and my friend will from down the road aganist  my other friends charlotte and cullam in the snowball fight and then will me and callam made a snowman.


This is Will sighning off 😀

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OMG!!!!!!!!!!! AMASING

Today at school we did graffiti not on the wall on paper because my name is will so i did the monster drink logo but turned it upside down  so it looked like a W and put a snake round it.


This is Will sighing off

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Arsenal quiz

who is the arsenal golkeeper?my blog arsenal qr code   scan to get the top 25 goals

the one the only thiey henry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 



wot winger is on top form so far in the season?


how long has the arsenal manager been in charge?


wot is arsenals nickname?

leave a comment with the awnsers

This is Will singing off

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Going out

Just got back from my mates on my MGP xv2 team model stunt scooter that i got for christmas im so angry that there was no snow over christmas  RAGE!!!!! plz comment  are you angry? anyway me and kyle were playing football . I was 5 th best in the class now im 3d how good am I?tell me wot was your best cheistmas present.


This is Will singing off :p

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today at school on the 9th of janaury we did our rotations as normal first my group did the times table challenge then it was problem solving after that we worked with a adolt then it was indepentent  later we finaly went on manga high its a maths website theres lots of diffrent maths games.

this is will sighing off 😀


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