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Stubbington Day 4 Pictures!!!!!!

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Day 3 Stubbington Pictures!!!!!!!

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Day 4………Wet wet wet!

Well, unsurprisingly there were some very tired children this morning who all looked most perplexed when the rising bell went off.

Badgers won the dormitory competition this morning. Yippee!

Earthquake this morning…..safe to say we got very wet! Most of the children didn’t seem to care and thoroughly enjoyed the wet, soggy obstacle course….some however….not so keen. I’ll let you guess if it was one of yours! It was a great team building experience and some children proved themselves to be excellent team leaders, showing great initiative and cooperation. I think we have a future mountain rescue team in Harry Fenwick, Toby Smith, Caitlyn Clark and Thomas Cole! Nearly all the children were brave enough to try and cross the lava leap (rope swing across a muddy ditch). Mrs Jones and Mrs St. John even had a go……luckily we didn’t fall in!

We all got warm before lunch and borrowed some spare, dry coats from the centre in preparation for the afternoon.

After lunch we began our Egg-streme challenge. In the activity the children have to win tokens by completing team activities together. With their tokens they were then able to buy materials that they could use to protect a raw egg that they were given…….why???? Because it was going to be flung out of a catapult. We had varying success with two eggs cracking and three surviving!

This evening we had the S-Factor!!!! The Badgers were the overall winners but in my opinion it should have been the Kestrels (Mrs St. John’s team) we were robbed! Kestrels were second followed by Foxes, followed by Owls. We had a visitor to the S-Factor….Foxy! He was very funny!

Right off to bed. More photos to follow but unfortunately the tablets are not playing ball and won’t let me load them onto the computer and the few that are on here won’t load onto youtube. I’m afraid I need to sleep now so will try again tomorrow. Thanks for all your lovely messages!!! See you all at 13.15 tomorrow!

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Good news! Last night not one, not two but THREE badgers were spotted in the hide!!!! The first appearance was made by Mr Fox aka ‘Limpy’ as the children named him. A couple of foxes came and had the supper first……then…….a streak of white in the distance!!!!!! Then they came……the three badgers. The children were thrilled! So glad we held out. At 11pm we returned to the dorms exhausted but satisfied. Very tired children here this morning ready for another exciting day!

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Day 3 at Stubbington

After a far better night’s sleep, the day began with another cooked breky and a dormitory inspection. This time it was the Owls who were the winning dormitory! Well done. Joe Moulding was the only Titchfield child in Owls so well done Joe. I must add though, there was a vast improvement in scores from yesterday….beds very neat, clothing neatly folded, bathrooms clean and drying rooms well organised. Mums and Dads…..you heard it here first….they can do it independently!

At 9.30, we crept out into the conservation area to search for our mammal hotels and see if we had any visitors. We only caught one unfortunately but this was enough for our study. We measured, weighed, sexed it and looked at its features and how they were adapted to their environment. We had to be really quiet in the classroom so that we didn’t frighten our little friend. The lucky hotel owners were Iuean, Ryan and Owen. They named our female wood mouse…..Winona. She was so content that when we went to let her go she really wasn’t in a rush! Sam Faller was a brilliant sport and let us turn him into a mouse. Well done Sam! At the end of our study we spent some time sketching our mice with proper sketching pencils. There were some beautiful pictures.

After lunch we went to the conservation area again to do Earth Walks (a change in the timetable due to bad weather forecast for tomorrow). This was where we thought about our senses and explored the environment about us. We also discovered how animals adapt to their environment and the importance of maintaining a sustainable habitat. We did sky eye, oh ‘deer’, smelly cocktails, bat moth, food chains and find a tree. There are lots of photos to be loaded on the blog tonight so you can ask your children all about these activities when they get home.

This evening we played Stubbington Scramble. All the teachers went and head off into the grounds with a question (or task) for the children to complete. The children then set off in their dining room table teams to seek out the teachers. Mrs St. John selected (what she thought) was a nice relaxing spot on the basket swing. All was going well until the children thought it would be amusing to push her making her quite ill! Mrs Beacher didn’t pick such a comfy spot and was sporting some very fashionable foliage accessories when she emerged from her bushy hiding spot.

We have been so lucky today as we’ve had so many visitors from school. Mr B has been here every afternoon after school, Mrs Underwood came up for the day (the children were really pleased to see her!), Mrs Yeldon came up for the afternoon, Mrs Walton has come for the afternoon and evening and Miss Taylor has come to visit us for the hide! How lucky we are to have so many teachers that care about us.

We have just had our game of dormitory hoopla at which the girls have beaten the boys again! Well done girls. Harmony Storey yet again got the highest score…she’s on a role (and not at all competitive). Jayden Wilson got the highest score for the boys!

Right……we’re off to the Hide shortly….fingers crossed for some badger sightings!

Photos shortly but they’re taking a while to load tonight (the internet here is not the best).

Thanks for all the messages! We’re loving hearing them all! Keep them coming!

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2nd night down!

Thank goodness……a much better night’s sleep last night. The children settled down a lot quicker and they certainly weren’t up nearly so early.

Last night we got stuck into a game of dormitory skittles. This time the girls won!!!!! The absolutely thrashed the boys in the first round with 44 -22. The boys took it with great sportsmanship. Harmony was the highest scorer with a fabulous seVen (said Len Goodman style). Well done. Looking forward to seeing if we have caught anything in our hotels this morning. We’ll keep you posted! Bye for now!

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Stubbington Tuesday Photos

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Day 2 at Stubbington!

Wow! Another action packed day. Up (or rather bell went) at 8. Straight to breakfast for 8.20. The full English was appreciated by many….particularly the teachers! Dorm inspections went ok. The girls did really well for neatness but lost points for not sleeping, the boys…..have a little more work to do. The Foxes won the dorm competition today! In our fox dorms we have Sam, Bailey, Thomas, Ryan and Owen (the quietest dorm last night by far!) and girls are Mia, Arshiya, Caitlyn, Eleanor and Holly. Well done! First activity today was Chaingangs. The children had to work as a team to trek across the outdoor adventure play area and use planks to cross a swamp (pretend swap) without falling in. Hilarious videos to follow!

Next up was Tricky Trees. Mrs St. John’s identical twin sister is a builder who works for the council and they want to cut down our conservation area to build a carpark. It was the children’s job to find enough information to persuade the builders against the council’s plans. Harry Woodward and Toby Smith won this activity.

After lunch the children were able to visit the tuck shop for their snacks and souvenirs. Some of you should expect a postcard soon.

This afternoon we were looking for tracks and signs from the different mammals that live in the conservation area. A particularly popular topic was the poo! We’ve learnt that a foxes poo is called a scat and they live in an earth. Later we built our mammal hotels in the hope that we might lure some furry friends in them tonight, fingers crossed for tomorrow morning.

Song practise went well and the songs are coming along nicely. Mrs St. John is head of the Kestrel house and she is feeling optimistic for an S-Factor win! (Kestrels from our school are Jake, Jayden, Shayne, Harry F and Tyrone.)

After a lovely dinner we enjoyed our wildlife photography show. Thank you for all your blog comments, please keep them coming! Photos to follow from today!

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Blog reading!

Haven’t got time to reply to all the blog comments at the moment as there are so many…..thank you! Have just read the blog to all the children and they were either loving it, monumentally embarrassed or crying with laughter. Great responses. Further posts to follow later this evening! Off to our wildlife photography show!

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Fixed link

To anyone having trouble with the youtube link, it should now be fixed. Good night here…… however……some children have been up since 5!!!!!!!!!!! Uh oh!

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