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The Conquerors








thumb_IMG_0206_1024This week we took to the outdoor stage to do some drama in order to enhance our writing experience! We began reading ‘The Conquerors’ by David Mc Kee and pretended to be soldiers staying in the homes of the people they were meant to be attacking! The children were able to empathise with the soldiers and see the world through their eyes. After making notes, we plan to write letters home to our families. Hope you all like the photos!

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Christmas Party Time

There are definitely some budding actors in our class…………..

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Food tasting and Roman Soldiers

A very windy day for our Roman soldiers!!!!!!


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Roman Day

13th November

HMS Vigilant had a great end to their Roman topic. We all dressed up in Roman attire and enjoyed a day of building Roman villas, pretending to be Roman soldiers and sampling Roman food.

See the link for pictures!

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Athletics Tournament 12th November


Athletics yr4/yr3

First, we left school at 12:15 and arrived at the sports hall and the competition started at 13:00. The people that went were: Emily K, Amy, Grace, Ellana, Lily yr3, Maddie yr3, Alice yr3, Kacey yr3, Kieran, Neo, Daniel, Dylan, Adam, Aidan F, Aiden JC, William, Samuel and Emma. There was nine schools including: Wicker, Meon Cross, Ranvilles, Whitely, Titchfield (us), Salisbury, Locks Heath x2, and Warsash. The first event was relay 1×1 boys whilst the girls did their field events. Then we swapped over. The tension was building at that point in the competition. 1 school didn’t turn up, they were St Johns School. The manager of the competition was very loud and distracting, every time he started talking again he always shouted something that sounded like, “OK!” really loudly. So far we weren’t doing very well in the track events but we were very good at the field events. After that there were 3 more track events and 6 field events. One of the best races was under and over. In all we came 6th then when the year 6/5s came we got a boost to joint 5th.
Here are some quotes,
Neo says, “I got a sore throat from cheering!”
Will says that, “It was great fun but very loud too!”
Thank you to all the mums/dads who helped cheer us along, and a big THANK YOU to Mrs Beacher and Mrs White because if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t of gone to the competition!!!!
By Emily Kerr and Kieran Prior

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Last week, in Art, we were designing chariots. Which would then be made into
real wooden vehicles. We all brought in cars so that we could see what the difference was with the axels on the cars and on the chariots. Mrs White showed us a video clip of a film called “Ben Hur”
where we saw a pretend Chariot Race!! Then we were given chariot workbooks and we had to draw three different chariots and then, underneath, we had to draw them from a different angle and label them. During the lesson we had a big talk about what the differences were between the chariot’s axels and wheels as apposed to the car’s, which we had brought in, axels and wheels. Most people enjoyed the lesson and cannot wait until we actually make the chariots!!!


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Newspaper Reports!!!

We’ve been having great fun this week looking at different newspaper reports and analysing them ready to write our own next week. We have been looking at the many different features of newspapers and today have been looking at headlines. We looked at some different headlines and decided what made them good. We then we had a go at writing our own with some brilliant results. Here are a few to share with you. The children were given the orientation sentence of the story and then had to go away and make up their own headlines……

An aristocrat has left his £30 million fortune to his only fiends – his dogs.


Peas are to stay on a restaurant chain’s menu by popular demand.


A fireman who has never tackled a blaze in 29 years missed out when flames finally flared – on his day off.


Henry the retriever escaped with just an injured paw after plunging 140ft from a cliff top.


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Rock Steady Assembly!!!!!!

Well….. we had a great time when Rock Steady came on Monday. We were treated to a rock concert in the morning and in the afternoon we had a great time at the workshops learning how to play a few instruments ourselves. We were so impressed at what the children had created in less than half an hour. As well as a great deal of fun, we also learnt some about the difference between acoustic and electric instruments, what the different instruments do and how all the players need to be in time to create a piece of music. What a fab experience! Rock Steady offer lessons in school on Mondays.


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First week back!

Welcome back everyone! As promised, here are a few pictures of our first week back! We’ve been getting creative with a bit of drama!

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Welcome back to year 4!!!!

An inspiring quote to start our year!!!!!

An inspiring quote to start our year!!!!!

Welcome back to the new HMS Vigilant and Year 4! We’re really excited for the year ahead and the children have already jumped back into learning with great enthusiasm. I will post some videos of our Rock Steady concert soon (the first attempt seems to have failed) and you can see the fun we’ve had already. Check back soon for more updates! Mrs St John and the Year 4 Team

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