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Blogging despite technical difficulties

Hi there its’s Mrs Addison here. I have just heard from Mrs Beacher and year 4 are struggling with Internet access. Don’t worry though they are having a fabulous time!
Today, they have taken part in THE EGGSTREME CHALLENGE! The children had to take part in some problem solving activities to earn feathers. They then had the opportunity to swap the feathers for materials. They had to use these materials to cover a real egg which was catapulted across the playground.  We had a success rate of 3 out of 4 – with just 1 egg smashing!  Mrs Raeside said it was due to fantstic team work and co-operation and was the highest success rate so well done to year 4!

Mrs Beacher has said that the children have been offered the use of the office during free time so if any children wish to blog they will have the opportunity!  In the mean time I’m afraid you will be receiving news via me.  I will hopefully be popping in to see them and will try and get some photos to put on the blogs as well.  Please do still leave comments as they will be able to see these in the office.

Mrs Addison (year 5)

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Thursday – The Diary of a Stubby Kid

Yesterday we took a trip to Earthquake which could have been Japan. We learnt about the Richter Scale and how to measure the force of an earthquake. We had to save and rescue lots of babies and carry lots of equipment. There was a really muddy tunnel and the rope swing put us all in a muddle. We then had a football match in the evening which our boys particularly enjoyed.

Today we made shelters. Mrs. Beacher and Mr. Audain all made us soaked that we had to change our clothes.

The earthwalks were really fun. We had to mirror and we had to put it under our noses. It was spooky but fun.

We had to make some smelly cocktails. Most of us made cocktails which smelt disgusting however some people made nice smelling cocktails by putting herbs and things like that. We had to fill our cocktail grass with badger blood or badger wee or bogie water or Mr. Scarborough’s bath water.

Tonight is the ‘S’ factor and our last night of sleep. The ‘S’ factor will be really hard but challenging because we have all four dormitories competing against each other but we have friends in the other dormitories so we will them good luck as well.

We are looking forward to seeing all our mums and dads at 1.15 at Stubbington when they come to pick us up.

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What happened to Olly Murs? The Diary of a Stubby Kid

Today was a very busy day today and we were looking forward to our favourite activity…..EARTHQUAKE. We began the morning learning about our small mammals, the types of mammals we might catch in our hotel and how to find out if it was a boy and a girl (along with some scientific names as well).

Only four pairs of people caught small mammals and we had to be really really quiet so we wouldn’t scare them. We caught a field mouse, a yellow tail mouse (which jumped everywhere) and a we even caught a vole which we called Olly Murs. Unfortunately, he died, came to life but then as Mr. Audain put it….’gone into retirement.’

After lunch, and washing our hands, we then had Earthquake…AWESOME!!!

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The diary of a Stubby Kid


First of all we got on the coach to get on the trip to Stubbington Study Centre. It was bigger than we thought it would be but it was fun.

We began to unpack our bags and then filled our wardrobes with our clothes and filled our tummies with the best Stubbington food ever!! The service of the staff was exquisite.

After lunch we went for a breathtaking walk to the beach (although some people were bored on a 7 mile hike! Well only two)

Here are some of our first thoughts from the first day:

* I was scared when I first got on the coach but now I’m having a great time.

* The games room was awesome especially the table tennis and pool and we thought we should be playing tennis because we were hitting the ball so hard.

* I liked the adventure playground because it had more activities to do and when we went round on the disc it felt like you were going to fall off.

* The playground was bigger than I thought.

* On the adventure playground the chain bridge was hard but fun.

* I liked free time because we there was a selection of activities.

Over and out for today.

HMS Vigilant

Dear parents, here is the Mr A comment…. children have eaten loads but the bucket load of food and enjoyed the walk to the beach. All children asleep by 10.40ish!!! Let’s see what time the morning brings 🙂

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