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Zoe’s Tudor Homework

Our topic this term is The Tudors so over the christmas holidays we had some homework which was 4 questions about the Tudors. I anwsered all the questions but i decieded to exstent it a little bit so i made a little book of facts which took a day in a half.I made a few mistakes in the words Westminster and Abbey WHOOPS!!!!! I made it with peach card and then i used ink distress to give the effect of oldnest and i used scissors to make it look like it had been torn during battles and other events that went on.P1030166 P1030165 P1030164 P1030163 P1030162 P1030161 P1030160

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Luke’s World War II Charlie story

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World War 2 Theme work homework to complete

Complete these tasks in ANY order:

Task 1
Make a food diary using plain paper. You will need to have space for Monday 10th – Sunday 16th October. Think about what titles and spaces you need- don’t forget snacks and drinks! Fill in what you’ve had today.

Task 2
Write a paragraph in your English books about rationing-
– What was it?
– Why did it happen?
– When did it start?

Task 3
On plain paper present all the foods that were rationed during the war. Present it using imagination and colour! You will need a title and a sentence explaining what you are writing about.

Task 4
Find out what DIG FOR VICTORY was. What vegetables were grown during the 2nd World War? What vegetables do we grow in this country? Can you list some other vegetables imported from other countries? Present on plain paper.

Task 5
Make a recipe booklet. Find out what meals people during the war would eat and write some recipes, making your own cookbook! Give it a title and a front cover. Make your cookbook using plain paper.

Task 6
Using your Charlie story map make up your own WW2 Charlie story replacing the cat, the duck and the rest of the characters with WW2 objects and people.

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