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Athletics Tournament 12th November


Athletics yr4/yr3

First, we left school at 12:15 and arrived at the sports hall and the competition started at 13:00. The people that went were: Emily K, Amy, Grace, Ellana, Lily yr3, Maddie yr3, Alice yr3, Kacey yr3, Kieran, Neo, Daniel, Dylan, Adam, Aidan F, Aiden JC, William, Samuel and Emma. There was nine schools including: Wicker, Meon Cross, Ranvilles, Whitely, Titchfield (us), Salisbury, Locks Heath x2, and Warsash. The first event was relay 1×1 boys whilst the girls did their field events. Then we swapped over. The tension was building at that point in the competition. 1 school didn’t turn up, they were St Johns School. The manager of the competition was very loud and distracting, every time he started talking again he always shouted something that sounded like, “OK!” really loudly. So far we weren’t doing very well in the track events but we were very good at the field events. After that there were 3 more track events and 6 field events. One of the best races was under and over. In all we came 6th then when the year 6/5s came we got a boost to joint 5th.
Here are some quotes,
Neo says, “I got a sore throat from cheering!”
Will says that, “It was great fun but very loud too!”
Thank you to all the mums/dads who helped cheer us along, and a big THANK YOU to Mrs Beacher and Mrs White because if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t of gone to the competition!!!!
By Emily Kerr and Kieran Prior

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