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Reflections on Easter 2014

The first whole school assembly of the spring term began with me praising the children for their considered and respectful response to a number of Easter assemblies held in school led by the Rev Susan and other members of the clergy. We ask the children to think about the Easter story and empathise with Christians and believe it to be the greatest story ever told.

I also thanked the children in years 4 and 5 for their efforts in raising £150 via their sweet sale. They are now pondering which charity to donate the money to.

I shared my most vivid memories of Easter which include watching a heron on the banks of a river in Oxford and watching a mother duck with her chicks wrestle a strong current. I asked the children to reflect on the beauty of the natural world and to celebrate the sense of optimism that late spring and summer offer.


I genuinely look forward to Monday assemblies as the children are a joy to be with. So receptive!!



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