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Strange find on Sunday walk!!

Overlooking the river Torridge this afternoon, from a wooden bridge above the river, our eagle eyed chidren spotted the spine of an animal glistening in the water. On closer inspection after retrieval from the water by myself we noticed that the skull was still attatched and much to the childrens shock and delight , the head promptly popped into the water!.

We also met Michael Morpurgo on a return walk from church walking with his wife in the countryside that has inspired so many of his books.'What's that a skeleton of?'


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One Response to Strange find on Sunday walk!!

  1. Tina Light says:

    Hope your all having fun there, been looking through all your pictures and noticed that none of them are smiling they all like there fed up … come on Year six lets see you all smiling and having fun … Miss Carty is the only one smiling haha!!! Please send Mercedes my love and hugs xx

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