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Nethercott exceeds all expectations for ‘compact’ year 6 !

Mid afternoon on a rainy wind swept winters day in Deepest Devon and year 6 have already tended to the donkeys and made their beds for the evening, let loose seven different breeds of chicken before breakfast, scooped several tons of poo, fed the calves, forked even more manure than poo and eaten a mountain of food to keep them going! Tea at 5pm before a tractor and trailer ride to a beef cattle farm. All in a days work. to all the parents, your children have been magnificent (see the pics on our wesite so far)

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2 Responses to Nethercott exceeds all expectations for ‘compact’ year 6 !

  1. Tina Light says:

    Looks like your all having fun, i like the pic of Mercedes, Janey, Eva May and Chloe all in the dorm (the four piglets) lol!!! Missing you lots Mercedes, stay safe and have fun xxx

  2. Mrs F says:

    Well well, it really does seem as if you are all having the best time ever.
    I am not at all surprised that you are all so well behaved and doing your best, you make us all back in Hampshire very proud, keep up the good work.

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