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   Feb 07

……Out Of The Blue…….

Frightened, terrified, worried something appeared out of the blue……. I was scared. What’s happening? Who is it?  What is it? Someone emerged from the mist it was a tall, old man with a scruffy crumpled jacket. Suddenly the world around me turned dark desperate I screamed for help but no sound. Something echoed around me. Fearful and cold I stepped back and tripped over someone’s foot it was his. He edged closer and closer until we were face to face but still silence. I slowly got up when I managed to get on my feet he had disappeared in thin air. I sprinted home.

by Lauren

   Feb 07


In our topic were leaning about India because we were sent a post card from agent Z it was sent by the baron but it was in a code so we started to identify the code then charlotte realised that the code was this: A=Z B=A C=B ….ect thin we read the letter and it said that he was working in a school in India so we researched India

   Feb 07


In maths today we were looking at timesing  decimals, at first i found it really hard but i got used to it at the end. Were doing this in maths because we have to send agent Z a email about how much the gadgets will cost.

   Feb 05


On Wednesday 30th of January 2013 i went to London to present at bett in excel  i also went with Bobbi,Jess and Lauren i presented about our topic which is MI5 and i also presented about purple mash which a website we use. After lunch we headed over to the brainpop stand we played games and met the man who runs brainpop and collected some badges in total i got 23 badges. on the train back home we were all hyper and we were talking about our day out.

   Jan 15

MI5-first mission

today we were given our fist mission we made our own profile and then they were hacked so we have to try and find them 007 is already trying to find baron and he was last sighted in the indian ocean and we think baron could be hinding in a small country .

   Jan 14


Today in maths we were looking at SATs questions so we can make our own questions up some of them were really hard and some were easy.

   Jan 11


our topic is MI5 we were recruited  by Agent Z we needed of thought of a name and of made a id badge by Thursday so we could’nt fail. we have studied atlases

   Jan 11


today we researched the graffiti alphabet and copied it all down in our books then we did our names and words on to paper and made it all colourfulP1010757

   Jan 11

science part 2

we added some red food colouring into the water and then oil then we stirred it together then we added salt and gradully it began to fall trough the oil .

   Jan 11

science part 1

in science today we had  Mrs Walton and we don’t know what were doing yet but we have to think of scientific words like  dissolve, absorbing,bouyant