This is Indeever the snow leopard he is very cute, and he’s from Marwell zoo.

he was born 27th of April 2008, and his hobbies are sleeping on the favourite rock and playing with his fiend Irina. When we went to Marwell zoo we saw Indeever sleeping on his favourite rock, and just when we were going we saw him waking up, so we went back over and just as we did, he went back to sleep.

his favourite food is meat reply back if you know what kinds of meat there is in the world?

The Snow leopards are endangered it would be a great help if you would adopt one of these snow leopards.



By Kyle Johnson

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Each colour of the Indian flag

Each colur of the Indian flag represents a symbol blue symbolizes the sky and the ocean, white represents peace, unity and truth, green stands for faith and fertility, orange stands for faith and fertility. And did you know that the Indian flag used to be Great Britains flag.

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carring on with grafiti

today we carried on with grafiti with MRS Walton some people have finished some people havnt but next time we do it then they will propley have to finish.

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playing with my friends

This afternoon I was playing with Katie, will, Linda and Tom we were playing roulette then Katie had to eat her dinner so me and Will went down to play football with Oliver and Harrison me and Will beat them 5-1 then it was me and Harrison and Oliver I beat them 11-4 then Harrison went then me and Oliver played open goals it was really fun so at the end of the day we all had a great time.

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Liverpool Quiz

who is Liverpools manger

what position does Sauerz play

Who did Liverpool sign from Chelsea DS [initials]

Who do you think is the best player for Liverpool


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watching titanic

This afternoon we are watching the Titanic with my father and Ruby I like it so much do you like it

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Football match for Whitley

On Saturday 12th of January we played Locks heath lions red, kick off was at 10:30. Whiteley kicked off the game and began by basically losing the ball straight away and they got the ball and had a shot and scored! We kicked off again the ball went down the line to Jacob who crossed it in to me and I saw the run of Joe and passed it to him and he scored!! The final score finished 6-1 to us wwwwwaaaaaahhhhhhoooooo!!!!!

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This afternoon we leant about countries me and lauren did Germany and we leant a few facts like did you know people in Germany drink around 140 liters of beer in 1 year wow. thats a lot.

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this morning we did science we had water in the then we put red liquid then we stired it we put salt in and then we went on to grafiti.

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Grafiti with Mrs Walton

this morning with Mrs  Walton we did grafiti you have to search up grafiti art and pick one that you like and then draw it on a peice of paper we didnt quite finish it so we will do it next week with her.

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