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   Feb 10

Working Wednesday …

We have had a lovely day today, both with weather and with the things we have done. Usual jobs were carried out with good humour and lots of hard work.
Group 3 were on cooking skills today; here is a line-up of children making delicious home grown vegetable soup! They also made excellent bread plaits. Parents, here is proof!


This was all going well until the call came that a calf was about to be born at Parsonage and the group raced down to see it.
In the afternoon it was forest school for Group 1 and here are some of the things they made.


Lily made a beautiful head dress.



It’s been another wonderful farming day and we can’t possibly show you everything we’ve done, but the teachers have loads of photos to share when we are back at Titchfield.


Emma relaxing….


Dorm tidy ideas…!


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  1. Jeanette Farrell says:

    Good to see that you are having such a wonderful time and Tristan was helping to cook dinner!

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