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   Feb 11

What a lovely final day!

Today dawned clear and bright – all three groups went out on time for their early morning tasks at 7.30 on the dot. After breakfast, group 1 were down with the pigs while the other two groups did donkeys and ponies or gardening.
It was group 1’s first encounter with the pigs and it was a great experience, especially seeing the Piglets and weighing the porkers.


Stuart is an expert and we learned a lot.  We weighed the porkers and fed the sow,, Beetroot.


In the afternoon, our final outing was a walk to the village of Iddesleigh, where we visited the old school and its War Horse painting and paid a respectful visit to the church and graveyard to learn about the people in Iddesleigh’s first world war history.


We were excellent ambassadors for our school and for Nethercott during our visit. We will be sad to leave….


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One Comment

  1. Jeanette Farrell says:

    Glad that you have all enjoyed your stay at Nethercott.
    Can’t wait till you are back home Tristan xx

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