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   Mar 05

We Can Feed Anything!

questWe can’t believe another Nethercott visit is coming to an end! We are tired, but happy and proud of the things we have achieved. We have become experts on feedstuffs like colostrum, crushed barley, sheep pellets, cow cake, lamb formula, maize, layers’ pellets and many more!

We have fed and watered ewes, rams, lambs, calves, cows (and Boris the bull), chicken, pigs, hens, geese donkeys and ponies. We know life cycles and gestation periods, profit and loss – and how much work and effort goes into raising all sorts of farm stock.

We have also cooked for ourselves…each group made a meal for the rest of us.

We are about to walk into Iddesleigh to look at places associated with War Horse and with Michael Morpurgo. It’s clouding over after a beautiful day!


The pop-up shop popped up this morning and we have spent our money. It’s the end of a wonderful week and -most important of all – lots of us want to stay…..!


Just a word to all our avid readers…. please remember that we only have internet in the room for Nethercott staff and the one above – so we don’t have regular access to be able to blog all the time! It usually means working lunch in bedroom or a very late night…..


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  1. Mrs Foreman says:

    It’s great to see you all still smiling 🙂 I hope you do all return as all us parents are really missing you 🙁 One more sleep to go! enjoy your last day and have a safe journey home, love & hugs to Pops (real ones to follow tomorrow ;)) from Mum, Dad & Oscar xxxxx

  2. Mrs Thomas says:

    WOW! What can I say apart from well done to you all, you do look tired and ready for a good rest this weekend after what sounds to have been a very busy but lots of fun week and you have learnt lots of new things as well as making fantastic memories, you should all be so proud of yourselves. I have enjoyed reading the blog and looking at the photos it just all looks AMAZING! Enjoy your last evening Zoe, I am so looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and can’t wait to hear all about your adventures at Nethercott, Take care lots of love xx

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