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   Feb 08

Storm Day at Nethercott.

Storm Imogen brought some mixed fortune to Nethercott; This morning we found that a fox had got in to the Light Sussex poultry and several hens were taken. Later Storm Imogen hit us and the power went out – just as lunch was being cooked! It came back in time for our Spag Bol, so we were all well fed.
Two groups have gone out in the wind and rain to work (because a farmer works comes what may) and Group 2 had Forest School… In the house, because the roundhouse is underneath tall trees which were moving quite a lot in the wind. This is us and the things we made..


… And this was the back yard this morning!

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  1. Claire Bennett says:

    Awful news about the chickens! Hope you don’t get too much of a battering from the storm and it doesn’t interfere with any more meals!!
    Toby – hope you are having a great time! 4 more days to go 🙂 xx

  2. The Fokinther's says:

    Well group two were the lucky ones to have forest school in the dry and warm today!
    We are glad to hear that pesky storm Imogen did not disrupt your activities too much.
    Here in Hampshire there have been lots of flying trampolines reported and most of the coast roads have been closed due to 60 foot waves hitting the shoreline. We went on google maps and were glad to see you guys are nowhere near the coast!
    We are loving the pictures and updates.

  3. Holly Dawson says:

    I’m glad to hear that you haven’t all been blown away! It’s certainly very windy indeed! I’m sorry to hear about the hens, naughty Mr. Fox. It’s lovely yo hear from you, Bae I hope you are having a fantastic time! Lots of love from us all here, M,D,H,T,S&B XXXXXX

  4. Mrs Evans says:

    Hi I hope you are all having a lovely time despite the weather. Charlotte I hope you have figured out a way of bringing a lamb or piglet home, we could do with some variety at the yard (dont tell dad). I really hope the weather improves for you xx Mrs Evans (Mum)

  5. Louise McLean says:

    Well it looks like you are all having great fun despite the awful weather. Well done, keep on working hard and try to stay dry!!! Love to all and a extra special big hug to Alex xxx

  6. Rashi Ojla says:

    Looks like you’re all having a fantastic time, a few more days of fun, enjoy yourselves! xx

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