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   Feb 27

We are here!












We arrived early! We have had a tour, been through health and safety, feed, unpacked, made our beds and now in our PJs having free time.

   Apr 14

IXL in the Holidays……

Well done Ellie and Alex – so far you are our IXL champions for last week. This is what you practised:
Compare and order rational numbers (Year 11 math – A.3) — 29 min
Convert between 12-hour and 24-hour time (Year 7 math – W.4) — 12 min
Graph points on a coordinate plane (Year 6 math – Q.3) — 9 min
Create bar graphs, line graphs and histograms (Year 10 math – M.2) — 5 min
math geek
Come on Yr 6 – no pain, no gain!

   Jun 11

link to volume game

pouring liquidsHere is the volume practice game for this morning everyone!

   May 13

Reading Paper Over!

We took the reading paper this morning; Wolf Story was the title and it was all about wolves – and Jungle Book!

The questions weren’t too bad and we tried really hard as we are aiming high. It’s the Spelling and Grammar papers tomorrow – wish us luck!

   May 11

SATS week

We’ve been working hard in preparation for our SATs

   Mar 25

HMS Illustrious in the Corridors of Power…….

HMS Illustrious at the gates of Westminster Palace!

HMS Illustrious at the gates of Westminster Palace!

Today we left school at 7.15 am to arrive in London in plenty of time for our appointment at the Houses of Parliament. We were going to find out many things about how Parliament works and about the history of the buildings.




As we were a bit early, we went in to the park beside Westminster…. to find that Auguste Rodin’s  Burghers of Calais were no longer on their plinth; so we filled the gap! 



Then it was off through security (including lanyards with our own security photo) and into Westminster Hall; 900 years of history and a beautiful hammerbeam roof over our heads – but it was so COLD in there…. 1-P1020473


We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside, which was a shame as it’s spectacular. We did learn that Parliament means ‘talking place’ – very appropriate for us! We saw the difference between the House of Lords and the House of Commons (the House of Lords is MUCH prettier!), we learned about the Speaker’s Chair and the Woolsack and stood where David Cameron faces  Ed Milliband over the Despatch Box.

After a drink and snack in the warmth of the Cafe, we headed up Whitehall to Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden, taking in all the sights along the way. Miss Carty told us the story of Charing Cross.


At Covent Garden there was a display of decorated eggs which we loved, as well as some living sculptures and a Buddhist monk who gave us bookmarks. 1-P1020481 We hugged our favourite egg!1-P1020482 1-P1020483 1-P1020484 1-P1020485 1-P1020492 1-P1020491 1-P1020489 1-P1020488 1-P1020487







Then we caught the Tube to Russell Square and walked on to Coram’s Fields for lunch and a playtime.

1-P1020515 1-P1020511 1-P1020510 1-P1020506 1-P1020503





What next? Well, we needed a warm-up (it was less than 3 degrees Celsius outside) so we headed for a really quirky museum; the Grant Museum in the University of London’s Dept of Zoology. We came face to face with all sorts of animal skeletons, slices of microscopic creatures and jars of pickled mammals, fish and birds. A real taste of the 19th century – fascinating!

1-P1020529 1-P1020527 1-P1020526 1-P1020525 1-P1020523 1-P1020519 1-P1020516 1-P1020528





Finally we caught the Tube again to Embankment, crossed the river on the footbridge and went into the Royal Festival Hall to ride in the Singing Lift (all glass) to the 5th floor for a view of the River Thames and to picnic again.

1-P1020536 1-P1020537






We made it back in perfect time for the coach – just the long journey back home- or a concert at Neville Lovett for Conor, Ben, Reece, Euan and George!

THANK YOU Miss Carty, Mr Bainbridge and Mrs Southworth for a great day out!






   Mar 18

Welly Washing Syndrome….

Just a quick comment from the teachers…….

P1030604 P1030743

Because of the new Health and Safety regulations at Nethercott, we all became very familiar with the combination of wellies and waterproofs worn by each child! This is because, every time the children came back from a task, wellies had to be cleaned and mud removed from waterproofs.

That means between us, we scrubbed about 1250 legs over the week!

P1030549 P1030732 P1030733 P1030734 P1030735 P1030736 P1030737 P1030738 P1030739 P1030740 P1030741 P1030742

It got to the stage where we could recognise people by their waterproofs and wellies as a combination; we didn’t need to look up…….

Notice how CLEAN the cobbles are; that’s due to the litres of disinfectant that are used every day ensuring the children go into the house as germ-free as possible. My wellies have never come home so spotless!




   Mar 16

The Great Dorm Tidy Experience 2013…

IMG_0320 IMG_0322Every year when we go to Nethercott, part of the whole experience is the competition between dormitories for points; up to 10 for tidiness, plus up to 10 for how well everyone as a team settled to sleep in their dorm. This year was no different; well, at least it STARTED no differently! The teachers go round as a team of judges while the children are in the schoolroom and allocate the points, based on whether the beds are tidy and everything is in its place – or not! There might be the odd note, but not much else…… 


The week started pretty well; average scores, about 8 or maybe 9 out of 10. But by Wednesday, each of the rooms had taken the competition on in their own way. The girls began it, but the boys soon cottoned on – and then the girls had some tough opposition!

On Wednesday morning, we went into Burrow, to be greeted by this intrepid character:  



and then, each of the beds had a theme. I hope you can read each of the scenarios…. 


 IMG_0357 IMG_0356 IMG_0313 IMG_0311 IMG_0310 IMG_0315 IMG_0316 IMG_0314 IMG_0308

-even a tender loving couple and a sad teddy weeping over a letter from home!

IMG_0349 IMG_0312


It was similar in Parsonage…..


 IMG_0350 IMG_0319 IMG_0298 IMG_0297 IMG_0300 IMG_0299


While the boys in Candlelight had mathematically tidy toothbrushes! Here I was introduced to Crazy Frog, who was to feature in some Dorm Tidy adventures. Torridge, not to be outdone, had educated teddies who read books…..

 IMG_0302 IMG_0343IMG_0301


Possibly best of all was the poker playing teds in Torridge!


From here we had Bungee Crazy Frog in Candlelight….

 IMG_0362 IMG_0329

And teddies in all sorts of scrapes in Torridge, Burrow and Parsonage…….

 IMG_0338-001 IMG_0359 IMG_0361 IMG_0357 IMG_0351 IMG_0347 IMG_0348 IMG_0350 IMG_0346 IMG_0340

And even a vicious creature which attacked from above!


Not to mention Candleight upping the game with the mathematically tidy toiletries….


This was a real Nethercott first and such fun to be part of; the children really entered into the spirit of the competition and used their imaginations. Mr B and I loved it! 


Thank you, HMS Illustrious for participating with enjoyment and a real sense of fun!