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   Feb 10

It’s a Lovely Day

Today has been a much better day and we have been able to get on with our tasks without getting soaked – for a change!  The boot room is DRY!


We have fed the pigs (nine beautiful Large Black Piglets), been to Bridgetown to feed cows and sheep, walked to Parsonage to feed calves (and walked back in the dark) visited the dairy, fed silage and shifted TONS of logs around the place. Everyone has worked really hard and we re all a bit in need of sleep tonight.
Even with all this going on, we had time to write to George and to Mrs Yeldon while up in the school room! Miss Carty took letters to the post office in Hatherleigh to do our best to get them to you before we return. We only have 2 days’ farming left!


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  1. Mrs Evans says:

    Soo pleased the weather was finally better for you today! Have an amazing last couple of days farming and I really look forward to hearing all about it when you are back! I am soo jealous about the piglets 🙂

    Love Lotties mum xx

  2. The Fokinther's says:

    I have never seen so many happy, beaming (and slightly exhausted?) smiles on you all. It’s a picture of utter contentment and so nice for us at home to see.
    Thank you to the postie for making sure we received our letters from you, many, many phone calls have been made to the extended family wondering how our intrepid explorers are faring and the letter re-read to them.
    Keep up the great farm work x

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