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   Feb 11

What a lovely final day!

Today dawned clear and bright – all three groups went out on time for their early morning tasks at 7.30 on the dot. After breakfast, group 1 were down with the pigs while the other two groups did donkeys and ponies or gardening. It was group 1’s first encounter with the pigs and it was […]

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   Feb 10

Working Wednesday …

We have had a lovely day today, both with weather and with the things we have done. Usual jobs were carried out with good humour and lots of hard work. Group 3 were on cooking skills today; here is a line-up of children making delicious home grown vegetable soup! They also made excellent bread plaits. […]

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   Feb 10

It’s a Lovely Day

Today has been a much better day and we have been able to get on with our tasks without getting soaked – for a change!  The boot room is DRY! We have fed the pigs (nine beautiful Large Black Piglets), been to Bridgetown to feed cows and sheep, walked to Parsonage to feed calves (and […]

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   Feb 08

Storm Day at Nethercott.

Storm Imogen brought some mixed fortune to Nethercott; This morning we found that a fox had got in to the Light Sussex poultry and several hens were taken. Later Storm Imogen hit us and the power went out – just as lunch was being cooked! It came back in time for our Spag Bol, so […]

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   Feb 07

Wonderful weather…

Devon weather is wonderful!! Wind, rain, hail… All at once! The animals and farm tasks still get done, as a farmer’s job carries on whatever the weather. Sunday walk was more like a wade… Mrs Walton ended up giving Tristan a piggy back across a HUGE puddle.  Finally, here’s a picture from Katie to wish […]

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   Feb 04

2016 Nethercott – ready for off!

Year 6 are ready to  venture  off to the wilds of Devon for the next eight days, living and working like farmers, enjoying fresh home-cooked food and oodles of fresh country air! It’s Nethercott time again! We all look forward to writing our letters home at the weekend so Mums & Dads will be able to […]

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