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   Feb 04

2016 Nethercott – ready for off!

Year 6 are ready to  venture  off to the wilds of Devon for the next eight days, living and working like farmers, enjoying fresh home-cooked food and oodles of fresh country air! It’s Nethercott time again!

We all look forward to writing our letters home at the weekend so Mums & Dads will be able to hear from us. (Fingers crossed that the postman is able to deliver the letters before our return!)

We can’t promise to post lots of blogs, as the internet reception is  intermittent and it does take a lot of time to complete, taking an adult away from supervising the children. Of  course, the children come first so we hope parents will understand!          If we are able, then we will try to post 1 or 2 blogs.

We look forward to sharing all the pictures and stories of our week on our return!

Enjoy a peaceful week at home!

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  1. madeline bennett says:

    Hi toby its Madeline I’m so jealous of all of you, by the way I didn’t sleep on the first night so good luck 🙂 and have fun on the first day on the farm, missing you at home its so quite without you here and remember don’t be fussy with the food try everything! I will be expecting you to pick up Harvey’s poo when you get back!!!!!!!!!!

  2. madeline bennett says:

    Hi toby its Madeline I’m really jealous of you, I would do any thing to go back. Good luck with sleeping I couldn’t get to sleep on my first night. Don’t be fussy with eating just try everything
    missing you at home its so quite without you here:)

    P.S I will be expecting you to pickup Harvey’s poo with all the training!!!!!!!!

  3. Natalie Hayes says:

    Hope you’re all having an amazing time! We hope the weather isn’t too bad there. Take care all of you. 🙂

  4. Natalie Hayes says:

    Hello lovely year 6’s! Hope you are all having a lovely time and that the weather is being kind to you! x

  5. The Fokinther's says:

    Hello to all of the farmers in year 6, we hope that ‘storm Imogen’ does not rattle the windows and doors at the farm and scare the animals too much. 80 miles an hour winds will certainly test a few fence panels, and we can imagine you may be doing clean up duties as part of your tasks in the next few days.
    Here in Hampshire, we certainly need to batten down the hatches too, lets hope there is not too much storm damage here. We are looking forward to hearing about your time at Nethercott so far, hopefully the wifi is kind to the adults who will try post on the blog at your end so us poor people left behind can hear all about your adventures.
    Remember to keep up those Titchfield Primary smiles for the staff (and the camera)

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