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   Jan 26


  We just can’t believe it; a whole week in Devon is nearly over. Today we have just 2 farm jobs and the rest of the day is our own. It was the usual 10 points for sleeps last night and the Best Dorm competition is very tight; only 2 points between first and second. […]

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   Jan 25


  It’s another A1 night from the Titchfield Farmers – and wait till you see the dormitories! Yr 5 take note(no pressure…) – Candlelight and Burrow dorms are exhibition standard; not a wrinkled duvet in sight, all shoes in neat lines, all dressing gowns identically hung on bunk posts. Scary!! Today was our last full-on work […]

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   Jan 24


  Another PEACEFUL night…. ten out of ten all round for sleeping! Today marks the halfway point of our stay – after today we can begin to call ourselves experts in all our regular jobs and we have the chance to do something a little bit different with the day. Breakfast was scrambled eggs today […]

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   Jan 23


The usual silence prevaded the house this morning… just like the Night Before Christmas…without the presents!! No-one was awake early again this morning, which is great for the teachers! The theme for the day in Mr B’s group was …donkeys!! Joseph the donkey is not very well and has to go back to the Sanctuary […]

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   Jan 22


How peaceful it was this morning! Half past 6 came…no sound of hefty dormitory feet, no lively conversation. Just the gentle sound of….snoring!! We all headed out for out first task on time at 7.30am. For half of us, it was mucking out the donkeys and feeding chicken and geese. For the other half, it […]

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   Jan 21


We enjoyed a really easy journey down to Devon, broken only by our lunch stop at West Bay (where we LOVE the rope play area). Everyone was interested to spot farm animals and crops along the way and we shared bits of information from the work we had already done. We  arrived at 2.15pm to a […]

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   Jan 19

War Horse South Coast Premiere

Last Tuesday, Year 6 were lucky enought to have a free viewing of Michael Morpurgo’s new film, War Horse. We went to the Action Stations cinema in No. 6 boathouse of HM Dockyard. On our arrival we were greeted by a soldier who took one look at some of our boys and said: ‘Get that […]

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