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   Mar 23

Back to Earth (or school, anyway!)

We had a very easy journey back from Nethercott – and it was SO quiet…… loads of people slept most of the way. Now we are trying to adjust back into a more indoor life and begin our preparations for SATs, as well as creating some projects to send to Nethercott. We have over 800 […]

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   Mar 16

Wednesday Already!

We can’t believe our stay at Nethercott is nearly over; many of us would like to stay….and maybe bring home and school here too! Today was a working day; we were our at 7.30 again in the haze of a glorious spring morning, heralding a warm sunny day ahead. More lambs had been born at […]

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   Mar 15

Forest School Tuesday

Hello everyone! Just a quick word to explain why some of our children don’t seem to actually BE at Nethercott so far; it’s because we have three cameras with us,┬ábut only two can be connected to the computer to download photos. Look out for the full album on our website when we get back! Today […]

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   Mar 14

Back to Work on Monday!

Today we completed our first rotation of farm tasks; we now know lots about milking, silage, beef cattle, sheep and lambing, pigs, chicken, geese and donkeys! We still have lovely weather and the views are amazing – we can see Dartmoor really clearly, with Yes Tor at its highest point. There was a frost over […]

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   Mar 14

A Nethercott Sunday

We awoke to a bright, clear, sunny day and were out to do our morning tasks on time. After a hearty breakfast with as much cereal or porridge as we could eat, we were ready to meet the local villagers of Iddesleigh at chapel. The service was a chance for each community to talk about […]

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   Mar 13

The Nethercott Experience – First Day

What an amazing start to our farming career! We had a very easy trip down to Devon, stopping at the new adventure playground at West Bay. We made such good time that we arrived early and spent 40 minutes letting off steam in our new playground; the field outside Nethercott. After unpacking and settling into […]

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   Mar 02

Bringing the outside…inside!

We are just starting a theme called ‘Muck and Magic’, based around the books of Michael Morpurgo and our visit to Nethercott House in Devon for a week of farming. We go on Friday 11th March and we hope to post blogs while we are there. Nethercott House is run by Michael and Clare Morpurgo’s […]

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   Mar 01

Perseverance Rewarded!

Making our laminated paper portraits of famous people has taken a long time and lots of perseverance! See if you can spot a resemblance to the people we chose to model.

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