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   May 12

And Relax! Year 6 celebrate the end of SATs.

Thursday, 12th May – an important day in Year 6 – the last and biggest breakfast of them all! (Well, we needed to eat all the food up!) Eggy bread, bacon baps, hot dogs, cocoa pops, toast and juice – delicious!

There was the slight matter of taking the final Maths Paper after that too, but everyone rose to the challenge and gave it their very best. Well done, Year 6 , you have been fabulous this week!
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   May 10

3 down, 3 to go – we’re half way through SATs!

The smell of cooked breakfast wafting down the corridor, calming music drifting out of the classroom, ice-lollies and treats  (oh – and a few little tests to do!): why, it must be SATs week at TPS!

Year 6 have made a brilliant start to their SATs this week, approaching each test with calmness and maturity. Clearly the scrumptious breakfasts prepared by Miss Carty & Mrs Southworth are having a positive effect on everyone! Thank you to both of them for getting in at 7am every morning to prepare it all!

We are all very proud of the children and know they are trying their very best! Keep up the excellent work for the rest of the week!

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   Feb 11

What a lovely final day!

Today dawned clear and bright – all three groups went out on time for their early morning tasks at 7.30 on the dot. After breakfast, group 1 were down with the pigs while the other two groups did donkeys and ponies or gardening.
It was group 1’s first encounter with the pigs and it was a great experience, especially seeing the Piglets and weighing the porkers.


Stuart is an expert and we learned a lot.  We weighed the porkers and fed the sow,, Beetroot.


In the afternoon, our final outing was a walk to the village of Iddesleigh, where we visited the old school and its War Horse painting and paid a respectful visit to the church and graveyard to learn about the people in Iddesleigh’s first world war history.


We were excellent ambassadors for our school and for Nethercott during our visit. We will be sad to leave….


   Feb 10

Working Wednesday …

We have had a lovely day today, both with weather and with the things we have done. Usual jobs were carried out with good humour and lots of hard work.
Group 3 were on cooking skills today; here is a line-up of children making delicious home grown vegetable soup! They also made excellent bread plaits. Parents, here is proof!


This was all going well until the call came that a calf was about to be born at Parsonage and the group raced down to see it.
In the afternoon it was forest school for Group 1 and here are some of the things they made.


Lily made a beautiful head dress.



It’s been another wonderful farming day and we can’t possibly show you everything we’ve done, but the teachers have loads of photos to share when we are back at Titchfield.


Emma relaxing….


Dorm tidy ideas…!


   Feb 10

It’s a Lovely Day

Today has been a much better day and we have been able to get on with our tasks without getting soaked – for a change!  The boot room is DRY!


We have fed the pigs (nine beautiful Large Black Piglets), been to Bridgetown to feed cows and sheep, walked to Parsonage to feed calves (and walked back in the dark) visited the dairy, fed silage and shifted TONS of logs around the place. Everyone has worked really hard and we re all a bit in need of sleep tonight.
Even with all this going on, we had time to write to George and to Mrs Yeldon while up in the school room! Miss Carty took letters to the post office in Hatherleigh to do our best to get them to you before we return. We only have 2 days’ farming left!


   Feb 08

Storm Day at Nethercott.

Storm Imogen brought some mixed fortune to Nethercott; This morning we found that a fox had got in to the Light Sussex poultry and several hens were taken. Later Storm Imogen hit us and the power went out – just as lunch was being cooked! It came back in time for our Spag Bol, so we were all well fed.
Two groups have gone out in the wind and rain to work (because a farmer works comes what may) and Group 2 had Forest School… In the house, because the roundhouse is underneath tall trees which were moving quite a lot in the wind. This is us and the things we made..


… And this was the back yard this morning!

   Feb 07

Wonderful weather…

Devon weather is wonderful!! Wind, rain, hail… All at once! The animals and farm tasks still get done, as a farmer’s job carries on whatever the weather. Sunday walk was more like a wade… Mrs Walton ended up giving Tristan a piggy back across a HUGE puddle.  Finally, here’s a picture from Katie to wish her nanny a happy birthday…


   Feb 04

2016 Nethercott – ready for off!

Year 6 are ready to  venture  off to the wilds of Devon for the next eight days, living and working like farmers, enjoying fresh home-cooked food and oodles of fresh country air! It’s Nethercott time again!

We all look forward to writing our letters home at the weekend so Mums & Dads will be able to hear from us. (Fingers crossed that the postman is able to deliver the letters before our return!)

We can’t promise to post lots of blogs, as the internet reception is  intermittent and it does take a lot of time to complete, taking an adult away from supervising the children. Of  course, the children come first so we hope parents will understand!          If we are able, then we will try to post 1 or 2 blogs.

We look forward to sharing all the pictures and stories of our week on our return!

Enjoy a peaceful week at home!

   Mar 05

Up Close and Personal


Now we have packed our clothes bags (lots of grubby washing coming home with us!!) and our welly bags (all clean and disinfected!), we thought you might like a random sample of some of the close encounters we have enjoyed this week.

There will be a dvd/cd of all the 400+ photos we have taken, with many lovely individual shots of us with animals and some photos of inside and outside the house.

We have had a wonderful week and just need to contain our excitement enough to get a good night’s sleep before setting off to come back to you tomorrow – tired, happy, proud and enriched young farmers.

Goodbye Nethercott – we have had a MARVELLOUS time!


   Mar 05

We Can Feed Anything!

questWe can’t believe another Nethercott visit is coming to an end! We are tired, but happy and proud of the things we have achieved. We have become experts on feedstuffs like colostrum, crushed barley, sheep pellets, cow cake, lamb formula, maize, layers’ pellets and many more!

We have fed and watered ewes, rams, lambs, calves, cows (and Boris the bull), chicken, pigs, hens, geese donkeys and ponies. We know life cycles and gestation periods, profit and loss – and how much work and effort goes into raising all sorts of farm stock.

We have also cooked for ourselves…each group made a meal for the rest of us.

We are about to walk into Iddesleigh to look at places associated with War Horse and with Michael Morpurgo. It’s clouding over after a beautiful day!


The pop-up shop popped up this morning and we have spent our money. It’s the end of a wonderful week and -most important of all – lots of us want to stay…..!


Just a word to all our avid readers…. please remember that we only have internet in the room for Nethercott staff and the one above – so we don’t have regular access to be able to blog all the time! It usually means working lunch in bedroom or a very late night…..