Take One Picture Week

The whole school have been doing take one picture week based on Georges Seurat’s pointillism painting, Bathers at Asniares. Classes have worked together to make different seasons of bathers at Asniares, Some of the best artists in the school went to year 6 to see Miss Carty and did art work and clay models. In class we have been making boats, Biographies and our own pointillism Pictures and lots more. On Thursday 13 we will hold an art show. 🙂

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Check out the news!

Check out this news report on the discovery of my new creature

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…Out Of The Blue…

Frightened, terrified, worried something appeared out of the blue……. I was scared. What’s happening? Who is it?  What is it? Someone emerged from the mist it was a tall, old man with a scruffy crumpled jacket. Suddenly the world around me turned dark, desperate I screamed for help but no sound. Something echoed around me. Fearful and cold I stepped back and tripped over someone’s foot it was his. He edged closer and closer until we were face to face but still silence. I slowly got up when I managed to get on my feet he had disappeared in thin air. I sprinted home.

By Harriet

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we had a massage from Agent G, he is in the gadget team and sent us something we had to do. We had to find out some prices for gadgets my group had to find out how much 5 zip wire belts would cost. Every group got a different gadget.

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MI5 gadget work

This week we have been making gadgets for our agent work we have made up new pens,dolls,back packs,watches,suits and even a umbrella. we then had to right instructions and a letter to our boss Agent Z to say she should get are gadget. we all worked hard on are gadgets and hope Agent Z picks are gadget to help 007.


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Let It Snow

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MI5 mission update

So far in our mission we have half a photo of the villains face and has sent a group that he has wanted to get into MI5 and they did not let him that is why we think him and Agent Z are enemies we also think he has a under water base and he has lots of books. to fined out more about Agent Z go to www.missionimprobable.co.uk

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MI5 first mission

Today Agent Z sent us a video  saying that our profiles where hacked and are hidden .  007 has been sent to find he but we have lost him somewhere and he was last saw in a ocean .

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Manga high

Today in maths we did a game called Manga high.  It is a game with alot of math games and our teacher can set us missions. The most populer game is an ice cream one.

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More M.I.5

Our teachers mrs Addison is now Agent A and our L.S.A is now Agent L. Our Boss is agent Z  but we have only  seen her over camera. Agent Z dose not like fails so we have to work hard to get the job done.

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