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The Great Escape!!!!!!

I know that we are talking about G.Force, the guinea pig movie where they are secret agents and fearless spies, but yesterday afternoon our guinea pigs took it literally.

We went out into our garden after lunch…and the thunder storm, only to find the run empty!!!!

Shayne spotted Tiger first running around the stage and sent out the alarm. After checking the run we realised that all 4 guinea pigs had ESCAPED!!

We tried to keep calm, still and quiet…. we don’t find that very easy in Explorer class but we did it… for a little while. We sent an S.O.S up to Mr Bainbridge’s office and fortunately it was met with a rapid response. As if from nowhere Mr B came flying over the fence from near the decking and lept into action.

The guinea pigs were fast but Mr B was faster…. they didn’t stand a chance!

We thought we had lost Thomas the guinea pig after he was seen heading towards the trees and the top field. We all left the ninja guinea pig catcher to work his magic and waited eagerly on the bottom playground. It seemed like ages as we waited with baited breath, thankfully it was good news and all 4 guinea pigs survived to see another day. They were totally exhausted, but for now they are tucked up in bed with a juicy cabbage leaf and a large bottle of…. WATER!!


Thank you Mr Bainbridge from everyone in HMS Explorer Class

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  1. Comment by Nicky - Toby Smith's Mum on June 30, 2011 at 6:02 pm

    When Toby got home from school he was very excited to tell me about the escaping Guinea Pigs!! Well done everyone for staying calm and doing the right thing and a special well done to Shayne for spotting that the mischief makers were not where they should be. How exciting to see Mr Bainbridge jumping over a fence in this emergency. Glad all the piggies are back safe and sound!

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