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We have been mummifying . . .

In our English lessons, we have been learning all about mummification so we can write an explanation of how a body would be mummified. In order to make sure we had the process right we practiced on each other, we … Continue reading

Tag Rugby With Mr Roberts

Summer is finally here! In today’s PE lesson, we went onto the top field to play tag rugby!

Fiction Express stars

As part of our guided reading we use a website called Fiction Express. We love the stories they publish. On table 4 we are reading a story called Lost in Space which is a funny story with aliens in it. … Continue reading

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Egyptian game – Senet

Today we tested out some instructions for an Egyptian game called Senet. The instructions were tricky but we managed to follow them and play the game successfully! We thought we could improve the instructions by * adding pictures * condensing … Continue reading

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Year 3 bikeability

Year 3 had a fantastic time yesterday . . .

The Great Kapok tree

Well, what can I say?? The children were simply amazing! Mrs Taylor and I were so proud as I am sure those of you watching were! I would like to say a big thank you to Mr Campbell and Mrs … Continue reading

Equal weights

Today in maths we are talking about weight. We discussed how important it was to be able to read scales so we can all make cakes for Mrs Addison and Mrs Taylor!! We then carried out some experiments to try … Continue reading

Our trip to Marwell

Here are the photos from our trip to Marwell zoo. In our writing lesson tomorrow we will be writing a recount. So to read all about our trip come back next week!

More measures

Yesterday meters and centimeters, today centimeters and millimeters! Are both your feet the same size??? We did some research to find out – have a look in the comments below to find out what we discovered!!

Measures in maths

In maths today we have been using tape measures to see how tall we are. We were able to covert our heights from cm into m.