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New discoveries in year 3

Not only have we discovered our very own Island this half term but we have also found an undiscovered species . . . look out for the news reports coming soon!!



























Our Ancient Egyptian Museum

Not only was Friday Miss Toon’s last day, it was also Sport Relief AND Year 3 even managed to fit in creating an exciting and interactive museum for their VIP visitors after school.

Activities included looking at artefacts, solving Sphinx riddles, being an archaeologist to hunt for information to then decide if it was true or false, wrapping guests up like mummies and helping them to write their names and messages in hieroglyphics.

The children absolutely loved organising it and think the museum was a hit with those who came to look around.

Thank you to all of the families and special visitors who made it to the class museum and WELL DONE Year 3 for all of your hard work to prepare for it.
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Farewell from Mrs Burgess!

I would like to say an enormous THANK YOU to all of the children and parents who wrote me lovely notes, said so many words of kindness and brought in gifts today.
I am so overwhelmed! I will miss the children, families, staff and whole community of Titchfield Primary School very much and I will always treasure the years I spent here.
I hope you all have a wonderful Easter break and wish you all the best for the future.
From Mrs B x

Learning to read scales

In Maths we have been looking at measures, including telling the time, and measuring length, capacity and weight. We had to weigh out the correct amount of rice and make sure we had read the scale correctly.
It was a little messy but loads of fun!




We watched this Pixar film bit-by-bit to help us learn to empathise with the main character. This helped us to work towards writing our own diary entries. They were very emotionally charged!
In Music, Miss Toon taught us how to play some of the tune on the glockenspiels. We all joined in with the singing and our teachers have had this song stuck in their head for weeks!

Here’s the inspiration for our writing:

The Snow Queen

We loved the Snow Queen Panto at the beginning of January and took part in drama to re-enact chosen parts of it. We really enjoyed coming to school dressed up as our favourite panto characters. Eventually we are going to write our own versions of the Snow Queen Story!

We have been mummifying . . .

In our English lessons, we have been learning all about mummification so we can write an explanation of how a body would be mummified.
In order to make sure we had the process right we practiced on each other, we had some trouble removing the brains (Mrs A said it might be because our brains are so small!!) but taking out the liver, intestines, stomach and lungs was easier! Here are some photos of us mummifying each other.
(no children were harmed in the mummification process)

Tag Rugby With Mr Roberts

Summer is finally here! In today’s PE lesson, we went onto the top field to play tag rugby!

Fiction Express stars

As part of our guided reading we use a website called Fiction Express. We love the stories they publish. On table 4 we are reading a story called Lost in Space which is a funny story with aliens in it. As part of our independent activity we had to read the description about Commander Blob and draw what we thought he looked like, and guess what – our work was so good they have put it on their newsletter.
Here is Dylan, Adam, Aiden, Lily and Emma showing off their work!

fe newsletter

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Egyptian game – Senet

Today we tested out some instructions for an Egyptian game called Senet. The instructions were tricky but we managed to follow them and play the game successfully!
We thought we could improve the instructions by
* adding pictures
* condensing the writing (there was rather a lot!)
* simplifying the game itself

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