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We had great fun designing our own smoothies. We started off by finding out what everyone’s favourite fruit was. We then chose which fruit we would like to use in our own smoothies. We loved creating our own packaging and … Continue reading

Making Magic!

We loved learning about measurement and capacity in Maths. We had to concoct a magic potion for the athletes at the Rio Olympics. We needed to measure our ingredients and work out how much liquid to put in! Would you … Continue reading


We have loved learning about Derek Redmond and the Barcelona Olympics. We really enjoyed pretending to be Derek and loved racing to get a real feel of how he felt. Look how fast we can run!

Back to the Future

We loved our school trip to the Science Museum! We had so much fun playing with lots of technology and we were amazed by how things work. Miss Dugan was so impressed with our behaviour.

Fire Fire!

We loved having the fire service in! We learnt so much and really enjoyed pretending to be firefighters.

Chocolate delight!

For our topic this week we were learning all about the Cocoa Bean. We knew that it was an ingredient when making chocolate but we found out where it grows and how it grows. We were amazed to see how … Continue reading

We have gone Croc crazy!

In Maths we have been learning all about the greater than and less than Crocodiles. We didn’t realise that the little croc always tries to eat the big croc! It took a while for us to remember but we had … Continue reading

Jingle Bells!

We were so excited for our surprise on one of the last days of term. We didn’t know what it was so we excitedly put our coats on and waiting by the cones outside. We were all so surprised and … Continue reading

Rocking out!

We have such a great talent within our Year 2 class. There are a few children that really enjoy playing different musical instruments and have joined the Rock Steady club. We were lucky enough to get to watch what the … Continue reading


We had a great treat on Friday. The lady from Perform came in to do a workshop with us! We had to help the knight free the sword from the evil queen and the dragon. We were all so enthusiastic … Continue reading