Year 5 Go Greek For The Day!

What an action-packed, fun-filled, exciting day we had on Friday in Year 5; Mikonos, the Bard, came to spend the whole day with us, leading us through the most exhilarating Greek day you could imagine! From a brief history of the wars between Sparta and Greece, to trying on their armour and learning the soldier’s drill, we never stopped! Puzzling over Archimedes’s Squares, searching for answers in the information-packed quiz, playing Petteia (a Greek strategy game like chess) with a partner- and that was just the morning!
A Greek banquet followed at lunchtime with the most delicious, mouth-watering dishes brought in by everyone to share, including a scrumptious BAKLAVA, lip-smacking GALAKTOBOUREKO; not to mention homemade tzatziki & houmous! Thank you to everyone for providing the food.
The afternoon resumed with a face-to-face encounter with a Greek soldier, dressed in full battle armour, which we all got to try. We each learnt how to throw a sling shot. Mrs Marsh clearly needed a little more training in this, whereas Mrs Yeldon had quite possibly been a Greek soldier in a former life as she could sling the “shot” skilfully to the other end of the hall; as could a number of other “trainee” soldiers in year 5!
After a very noisy & enthusiastic mini Olympic games, the day was rounded off with a retelling of Jason & the Golden Fleece; a myth, in which everyone in the class got to play a part; what a budding troupe of young actors we have! An excellent performance!
History was definitely brought to life at Titchfield on Friday. The children were a credit to the school and Mikonos commented how it had been a real pleasure to work with such enthusiastic and well-behaved children. We had the most fab-u-lous day! I’m sure those memories will stick with us for a long time. Well done, Year 5!
Check out some of the photos from the day and tell us what you think!

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