Children’s Views of the Greek Day

Mikinos the Bard came to our school to teach us all about Greeks. Mikinos was really enthusiastic and he was really funny also he is from Athens{capital of Greece}See pictures below .We thank him so much as he has really boosted our learning and topic

by Jack Curtis! ūüôā

Our Greek day was marvelous we had an  Athenian soldier come in called  Mikonos the Bard who had plenty in stock for us.

In the morning we got to meet Mikonos the Bard, who was going to teach us all about Greece and Greeks. First we did a really confusing puzzle, we had to make a square out of loads of weird shapes. After that we had a break from it. Next we had a sheet that had 36 questions on it. We had to answer all of them, the answers where on a board that where scattered across the tables I got 34 out of 36. After a while we played an awesome game called Petteia, I lost all my games. Next we had our Banquet, I have one word for Greek food . HORRIBLE !!! After that we saw Mikonos in his Armour, he looked cool. We got to weir his Bronze Helmet. Next we learnt how to fire a slingshot I was very good. After that we had our mini Olympics Athens V Sparta I was Sparta I won! We had to throw a Hula Hoop over a chair. After that we did Javelin with two foam rockets. Next we acted out Jason and the Golden Fleece. the Greek day was awesome!!!

By Jack Curtis ūüôā

Our Greek day was marvelous an¬†Athenian soldier¬†¬†named Mikonos the Bard came in to do some awesome things with us starting with a long , interesting talk about the wars between the Persian and the Greeks. Following that we had to work out some of¬† Archimedes’ puzzles in groups it was fun.¬†Next¬†we had break¬†¬†but it was¬†not very long. After break there were some boards set around the classroom which we used to answer some quiz questions . Next we played petteia¬†a Greek chess like game which I was very good at. Then it¬†was lunch we ate our small packed lunches and dug into our Greek banquet of pitta,¬† Grapes, and dips. Next we met up with Mikonos in the hall to see¬†Greek armor and formations. Finally we re acted Jason and the golden fleece to finish our . Thank you Mikonos!

Year 5 had the most amazing day on Friday, when a REAL [sort of] Greek soldier came in, as well as the most delicious Greek banquet EVER! First, the Athenian soldier, Mikionos the Bard, gave us a quick history of Greece, and handed us some puzzles to solve made up of triangles. After that, we used information boards to complete a quiz, and played Petteia which was a bit like chess. For lunch we had our Greek banquet. We had pitta bread, humus, olives, and all kinds of other food. Next, we wore helmets, held shields, and tested out a sling shot! [not with real ammo]. Then, we had a mini Olympic games, with a hoop toss and javelin throw. The teams were Athens v Sparta, and Sparta won!!! In our year 5 Greek day the fun never ended!!!


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