Nov 28 2013


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As they dashed off, the terrifying creature, who had spiky long teeth, pulled a lever. Like a dead bird they dropped, falling hard onto the ground.

“Hello?” called a fragile voice. When they turned to look into the darkness, an old scrawny man approached. ” Did you come to save me? Or did you get trapped down here as well?”

Anxiously, they replied that got trapped by dr. fluffy  the evil mastermind!!!

Waiting for someone a saw sat alone in the hay, the old man rushed over to the mysterious saw, but will he help them escape or will he kill them???

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  1. Mr G, Sheffield, UK (Team 100WC)on 29 Nov 2013 at 2:42 pm

    Dr Fluffy, the evil mastermind! Brilliant Amy!
    Your opening sentence really sets up the story with a rich description and wonderful simile. The middle provides the background, but I love the way you closed, making the saw such an integral part and then leaving us on a cliffhanger with our imaginations racing!
    Well done.

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